dermena® Hair Loss

The dermena® Hair Care line was developed almost 20 years ago out of the passion for biotechnology – interdisciplinary scientific field based on biological processes that fuel the life of all organisms around the world. It is thanks to the determination of our scientists that the efforts put in the development of biotechnological projects for many years has quickly brought the expected results. Today, we can confidently say that dermena® Hair Care are leading hair care products in the anti-hair loss category in Poland. This is confirmed by numerous awards we have won throughout the years, e.g. we were first in the 2016-2017 IMS ranking in terms of sales of products in the retail pharmaceutical market (Pharmascope 12/16). A significant discovery of our biotechnologists and microbiologists from Łódź University of Technology and Medical University of Łódź is innovative Regen7 Molecule – a crucial and indispensable ingredient of the dermena® Hair Care products. Its properties, which we have been testing and applying at our laboratories since the ‘90s, allow the dermena® Hair Care dermocosmetic formulations to solve the problem of excessive hair loss. Traditionally the best.