Learn more about Regen7 Molecule

REGEN7 Molecule is a unique substance discovered by scientists at Łódź University of Technology and Medical University of Łódź, which is an ingredient of all the dermena® products. Its unique and most important feature is that it boosts the active hair growth phase in a hair follicle. It is thanks to REGEN7 Molecule that we have become one of the leading manufacturers of specialist anti-hair loss dermocosmetic products in Poland.

What is REGEN7 Molecule?

REGEN7 Molecule is of vitamin origin. It is an active metabolite of vitamin B3, which is responsible for, among others, our appearance, skin condition, and especially our hair. Most importantly, REGEN7 Molecule is completely natural – our body can produce it by itself if we stick to a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. It is also present in Wakame brown algae, which are rich in the vitamin B complex and bring numerous health benefits.

What issues are addressed by REGEN7 Molecule?

Our body is exposed to many factors that have an adverse impact on its functioning. Fast lifestyle and stress might cause excessive hair loss and deteriorated skin condition. REGEN7 Molecule, contained in all the dermena® dermocosmetics, has an enormous potential for use. Above all, it is proven as a hair loss inhibiting substance, but also for eyelash and eyebrow care and problem skin care – e.g. for dry skin prone to peeling and irritation.

REGEN7 Molecule and biotechnological passion

We owe the discovery of the therapeutic properties of REGEN7 Molecule to the chemists from Łódź University of Technology and biotechnologists and microbiologists from Medical University of Łódź. It is the persistence and harmonious collaboration between the scientists that have led to insights in the mechanism of action of this substance and its beneficial effects on skin and hair condition. Combining REGEN7 Molecule with carefully selected ingredients of the highest quality allows us to offer recognised lines of dermena® dermocosmetics and supplements, which have been appreciated for their regenerative, nourishing and protective properties for more than 20 years.

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It is a natural substance that inhibits hair loss and more! REGEN7 is an active metabolite of vitamin B3 that is responsible for the healthy looks of our entire body.

REGEN7 stimulates hair regrowth, nurtures eyelashes and eyebrows, as well as soothes and regenerates irritated skin.


More than 90% of people using dermena® dermocosmetics with REGEN7 Molecule confirms its effectiveness.