dermena® GEL


  • reduces hair loss
  • stimulates hair growth
  • strengthens and thickens hair, makes the hair look healthy
  • protects the scalp against irritations
  • does not leave the hair looking greasy and sticky
  • is absorbed quickly


  • weak hair andexcessive hair loss
  • soothing scalp irritations, also in case of concomitant greasy hair
  • care product, which is also recommended after chemotherapy.


150 ml

  • Efficiency of dermena® gel has been confirmed in dermatological tests.

    When applied on a regular basis, the dermena® gel for 6 months:

    • reduces excessive hair loss in 89% of respondents
    • strengthens hair in 86% of respondents
    • leaves the hair looking healthy and more dense in 89% of respondents
    • protects the scalp against irritations in 89% of respondents
    • does not cause excessive drying of the scalp in 96% of respondents

    The result related with hair loss prevention can be observed already during the 3rd week of applying dermena® gel on regular basis.

    dermena® gel poses positive influence on the overall condition of the scalp and strengthens hair:


    Application tests focusing on the dermena® gel, which lasted six months, were conducted in an Independent Research Laboratory.

  • Molecule Regen 7

    A unique active substance.

    Physiological active substance of vitamin origin (vitamin PP metabolite), which improves microcirculation of the scalp and strengthens the hair follicle. It improves its nutrition, and hence extends the life cycle of the hair in anagen phase and stimulates hair growth. Irritation preventing properties of this substance have been proven during application tests (Pol. J. Pharmacol., 2003, 55, 109). It regulates the activity of sebaceous glands and maintains a healthy scalp. More »


    It is an amino acid derivative revealing moisturizing and regenerating properties. It improves protection of the skin and hair against adverse environmental factors. It strengthens and conditions hair.

  • dermena® gel should be used at least three times a week. Using the applicator, apply a small amount of gel evenly on the scalp, starting at the roots of hair, paying particular attention to the areas of thinning hair. Then massage the product gently with your fingertips into the scalp, with circular movements. Leave until fully absorbed. Do not rinse out. Use after shampooing on damp or dry hair. This gel may be used continuously.

  • In case of excessive hair loss, it is also recommended to use gel and selected shampoo from dermena® line. Massaging the scalp immediately after applying the dermena® gel additionally stimulates blood circulation within the skin and improves the action of active substances.